a unique solution

New or old, individual or collective, smarthome is a versatile solution adapted to all types of housing, and is aimed at professionals and private customers looking for a connected ecosystem.

Promoters and builders

Financial advantage

The smarthome solution can be self-financed, and can even earn you money, as its installation cost is low and its energy orientation helps you to have the necessary labels to obtain government grants. Please consult the competent authorities for more information.

Enhance your properties

Once equipped with the smarthome solution, your homes become “smart ready”, and are ready to welcome an ever more demanding clientele in terms of connectivity. Offer them smarthome now and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Electricians and integrators

A simple installation

The installation of smarthome is simple and fast, no device programming is necessary and above all, no complex knowledge is required.

Facility monitoring

Thanks to your access to our online cockpit, you can monitor the condition of your customers’ facilities, and therefore be able to proactively intervene, even before they notice a potential breakdown.

Property management

Easy charge statements

Simplify the task of individual charge statements by directly downloading, from your access to our online cockpit, the consumption data for each home, building, or group of buildings you manage.

Contact with your customers

Save time and money by communicating more easily and quickly with your residents directly from your space on our online cockpit. Quit emails, and check that your messages have been read correctly.

Service providers and manufacturers

White label

Offer your customers an innovative home automation solution in your own image. Thanks to our customisation service, your products can be in your brand colours, and available on the market within three months.

Turnkey solution

If you want a completely different home automation solution or wish for a product that complements your range, our R&D team is at your disposal to make your products become reality. Under a NDA, we can also modify your existing products to make them compatible with the solution, or add features.