A real dashboard
for your home

Smarthome connects all of your devices together for a unique experience


When someone rings, you can answer them and activate the opening of your door remotely.


Get a real-time notification if an intrusion is detected in your home.


Easily and quickly control and adapt your lights in any situation.


Ideal temperature at all times, control your heating remotely while optimising your energy consumption.


Accurate remote control over all of your blinds and roller shutters.

Socket control

Do not leave your devices on standby, easily turn off the power to your connected sockets.


Control your Sonos audio system by planning, for example, a gentle wake-up with programmed playback of your favourite music.

Voice control

Use your Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa voice assistants to control your connected devices.


Access your cameras and keep an eye on your home in real time, and view recorded events.

IOS and Android
mobile app

Whether you are on your couch or traveling abroad, you can control your home anytime with the smarthome mobile app. Get notified in case of intrusion and act quickly, directly calling the police. You also get a real video call when a delivery person drops by, and not just a notification.

Ambiance scene

Make your home even cosier by creating your own lighting ambiances for every occasion, and activating them with one click. You can also link a scene to an alarm mode in which, for example, all the lights turn on and all the blinds go up. Thus, in case of intrusion, smarthome will automatically activate this scenario to deter the thief.


You have lifestyle habits, automate them! You can thus set a daily time for closing your blinds, turning off your lights, or even choose a time slot for using your various electrical appliances.


By accurately displaying your consumption, smarthome allows you to analyse how you use energy and thus be able, if you wish, to adjust your habits and set goals in order to save money.