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Do you want to resell a product that you are competent with? Would you like to add to your catalogue a complete and affordable home automation solution, while increasing your added value in terms of new technologies with your ever more demanding clientele? Become a certified fitter with our certifying training.

A unique solution

We offer an innovative and user-friendly home automation solution for both the user and the fitter. Smarthome is easy to integrate and configure. In addition, thanks to our online cockpit, you can monitor the condition of your customers’ facilities and proactively intervene, even before they notice a potential breakdown.

A real support

We are here to help! As a partner, we can offer you prompt and diligent assistance so that, if there is a problem, you can provide an effective solution and guarantee your customers’ satisfaction!

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Promotor, architect, developer, do not hesitate to install innovative technology in your real estate projects. We look forward to meeting you and discussing the benefits of installing our products. We can help and advise you for the successful completion of your connected construction.